Corporate Compliance at Unity House

Unity House is committed to preventing fraud, waste, and abuse within its programs, as well as providing safe, appropriate, and high quality services to our service recipients. Our ethical standards, training, practices and the quality of our services are monitored by our Quality Assurance Department and our Corporate Compliance Officer.
An effective compliance program requires the commitment of all Unity House employees, contractors, directors, and other stakeholders. New employees and board members receive training as part of their orientation, and all receive ongoing training to ensure that they understand their role and obligation under the agency’s Corporate Compliance Program.

The Corporate Compliance Program is overseen by a committee which consists of the agency's:

  • Executive Director
  • Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Finance
  • At least three members of the Board of Directors
Making a Complaint

The agency has established a Corporate Compliance hotline to allow anyone to inform us of a possible violation or make a confidential complaint. The hotline number is (315) 252-3959. You may also reach our Corporate Compliance Officer, Amber Amidon, via email or at (315) 253-6227, extension 334.